VX-450 Series UHF/VHF Portable Radios from Vertex Standard

The latest portable two-way radios from Vertex Standard are built to maximize worker uptime with expanded safety applications and convenient built-in features designed for heavy duty use. Discover how much more you can afford with these heavy-duty water submersible radios.

Vertex Standard VX-450 Series Demo: Man Down Alert

The VX-450 Series portable radios feature a Man Down option used to monitor work safety on a jobsite. Watch how Man Down works to alert help remotely or nearby when a worker is at risk on the job.

Vertex Standard VX-450 Series Demo: Channel Announce

Vertex Standard's VX-450 Series has a Channel Announce capability in 7 languages for increased ease of use. With Channel Announce, you can change channels without having to look at the radio to stay focused on the work you are doing while operating the radio. Multi-tasking for more productivity!

Vertex Standard VX-450 Series Demo: Emergency and Lone Worker Alerts

Review of how Emergency notification works and what is Lone Worker and how both work together to monitor worker safety in Vertex Standard's VX-450 Series radios.

Vertex Standard VX-450 Series Demo: Stun / Kill / Revive features

Overview of how Stun/Kill/Revive features work in Vertex Standard portable radios. Features the VX-450 Series radios in the demonstration.

Vertex Standard VX-450 Series Demo: Auto-Range Transpond System (ARTS) and ARTS II

Only Vertex Standard radios offer Auto-Range Transpond System for monitoring radio connection status when maintaining contact is a must at all times. ARTS II enhances this capability to allow users to know exactly who is in communication range in the VX-450 and VX-4500/4600 radios.